I was wrong and Smiley was right check this out

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Re: I was wrong and Smiley was right check this out

Post by kurosivo » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:24 pm

For somebody like me, who's been away from TEs for 10 years, the current state of my once favorite way for traffic is disappointing, to say the least!

Thousands and thousands of views are wasted every single day!
I do remember a time when a good splash page was enough to bring me daily new leads and sales.

Could this be reversed? I doubt it.
This constant, almost neurotic, clicking with the added pseudo sense of fulfillment in the form of some pennies is way too widespread now.
Plus the indifference, if not encouragement, of the owners to the use of specialized traffic exchange browsers.
I did try one to know how others are viewing my sites, and the feeling I had was of a human-bot. The rate of clicking was so high that it was almost impossible to pay notice to anything else! And that was by somebody who used it only for a half hour and with less than 6 or 7 exchanges. Imagine an experienced user how many views could burn!
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