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Shia LaBeouf: Just Do It [Remix]

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:39 pm
by carljohndavies
Has everyone seen this yet?

First viewing, it makes me laugh.. But then I get pumped up.

See for yourself here:

Re: Shia LaBeouf: Just Do It [Remix]

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:02 am
by NFO-Wisdom

Why do you waste your time on writing about leads and then post information about lead
generation and send visitors off your site who also speaking about leads.

I take it that your doing NPN, your blog should be all about NPN and writing
ad copy around NPN

Re: Shia LaBeouf: Just Do It [Remix]

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:15 pm
by carljohndavies
I'm trying to share value in different ways, and mix things up. Lead generation, traffic generation, copywriting, blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

And motivation to inspire and share my experience. Yes, I'm actively promoting NPN but I'm also building my own brand and just providing value to help. If people want to join me in NPN they can, but I'm not forcing others. I just want to share different ideas and help as much as I can.

Re: Shia LaBeouf: Just Do It [Remix]

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:25 pm
by NFO-Wisdom

You are wasting your time rehashing all the crap that you're re-spinning.

Here let me show you an example.

A pure waste of time, talent gone to waste, one who loves to write, but spent
all her time and energy on a business she don't own, provides unlimited
advertising for sites where they make all the money.

Now her site is off the charts at Alexa, not even being ranked.

I also recall she started her own Tinkerbell Merry Go Round too.

Look at this crap.

But, hey, if you want to waste your time and spin you wheels on
something that is not important to the masses, that's your business.

I will say this, if you plan to build NPN, then you best buckle down
and stay focus, forget all the other crap and the Tinkerbell Te owners
pushing on you.

Re: Shia LaBeouf: Just Do It [Remix]

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:35 pm
by NFO-Wisdom
I know that your following the Tinkersbells advice on personal branding,
but 7 billion people not looking for you by name, only relatives, bill
collectors and just a few that has an interest keeping tabs on you.

Check this out:

This is your site:

Alexa ranking:

Back when I first put up my website, my ranking shot up to 3,000,000 with no advertising,
no Te's, no posting in forums.

The traffic I received arrived organically from peoples searches and long tail search phrases.

Anyone who tells you to domain your personal name has no clue what they are talking about.

Now, if you are well known, worldwide famous, that's a different story of having
your own personalize domain name.

But, if you're going to throw your personal name out in the wind for all to see, then
you best be a master of something and not a jack of trades and master of nothing.

Re: Shia LaBeouf: Just Do It [Remix]

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:26 am
by JonOlson
If only...We could be as great as Rod lol

Re: Shia LaBeouf: Just Do It [Remix]

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:23 am
by NFO-Wisdom
It's not I that wraps his head around TE's like those who pushes a Te on a Te,
then tries to build leads to sucker others to join Te's to only to be trained
like a puppet to go lead building to lead newbies into Te's.

Before you know it, you have a flock playing bumper cars targeting
the same people doing the very same thing.

A smart fisherman will sit on the bank and let the fish come
to him instead of jumping to other fishing holes dropping
the line in the blind.