Welcome to Net Marketing Forum!

We only have a few requests of you :) It's not a legal contract, just a way for us to enjoy the community together...

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Welcome to Net Marketing Forum!

Post by JonOlson » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:20 pm

We're back!

Welcome to the new and improved version of the internet's second favorite marketing forum ;)

Here are the basic rules for NMF, and if we follow them...We'll have a blast networking and communicating with each other!

1. Be Nice! - Yes, debates may happen but please respect your fellow members. It makes unicorns cry when you are mean.

2. Links Are O.K....But - Blatant spam is a no-no, but there is no problem with recommending something to someone in a post as long as you are ADDING VALUE to the discussion!

3. Hate & Abuse Sucks - This isn't the place for that stuff. We're here to build business and make some awesome sauce connections!

4. You Are Free To Speak Your Mind - This is what makes NMF so much fun. Please remember, moderators are not here to 'stop' your discussions, debates and opinions. All we ask is that you are civil and respectful of each other. Other than that we will NOT edit your posts or remove them unless they break the rules above!

5. Have Fun - That's an order :)

And finally.....Be sure to download the short Welcome Guide PDF for new members here at NMF.


I think you'll enjoy it and give you a good 'feeling' for what to expect here. It's awesome to have you and I hope you enjoy your time at NMF!
"Saving Unicorns Daily!"